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MnMs and Sprite for Dinner

Deanna (ladymadonnasky) had an extra ticket for Hair tonight and I was the first one to answer her facebook offer so I got it yay! When I finally made it up to 81st and Central Park West she asked me, "how much do you know about Hair?"

"Uh. I know that one song. You know, Hair."

"It's my favorite musical."


"Age of Aquarius? Let the Sun Shine?"

"Oh yeah. From 40 Year Old Virgin."

*Deanna facepalm*

It was amazing. This in the outdoor theatre in Central Park and at the end of the second act Claude is holding his draft card over the fire, trying to decided whether to burn it or not and it was silent except for the crickets and the whir of a plan in the distance and it was so perfect.

At the end, for their encore I suppose, the actors ran up the aisles and the audience ran down. So we danced on the stage and waved our hands and it was magnificent.

Deanna said it best: Berger and Claude make such beautiful slash.
Tags: nyc, slash, theatre
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